rule for OBJS in 4.10.99 build method

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Tue Feb 2 20:36:51 UTC 2016

Hi, Gedare
Thanks again for the reply but switching to 4.11 is not my option for now.
With some help from my colleague, I could managed to modify the directory structure of my application so that I can run 'make' under abtn5_fpga with the source files in ../src.  The goal was to use different linkcmds file for different boards. (rtn5 vs. rts3 in our terms).
I put the Makefile for anyone's reference later.

--------- Makefile under rtn5_fpga (where I run make)
include ../Makefile.base
_RAM_START = 0x60000000
XCFLAGS = -qnolinkcmds -T ../../lib/linkcmds.abtn5

--------- Makefile.base under ../
#  RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH is typically set in an environment variable
# optional managers required
# C source names
VPATH = ../src
CSRCS = ../src/init.c
CSRCS1 = $(notdir $(CSRCS))
COBJS_ = $(CSRCS1:.c=.o)

include $(RTEMS_CUSTOM)
include $(PROJECT_ROOT)/make/leaf.cfg
#XCFLAGS += -I../../include
COBJS = $(COBJS_:%=${ARCH}/%)
all: ${ARCH} $(PGM) RUNTCL
$(PGM): $(OBJS)
    echo 'system_init' > run.tcl
    echo 'load_image o-optimize/sieve.exe' >> run.tcl
    echo 'run $(_RAM_START)' >> run.tcl
    -$(RM) -r $(ARCH)

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제목 : Re: rule for OBJS in 4.10.99 build method

I don't know what your application looks like, but you might like to
try using waf which can give you a bit more control/customization over
your build. I couldn't tell you what happens in the middle of the make

Depending on how far back you are from the 4.11 release, you might
want to consider switching to it.


On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 8:05 PM, Chan Kim wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for the rule to build OBJS in the build tree but I can't find it..
> we are using 4.10.99, set RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH appropriately,
> As you all know, the Makefile for an application has these three lines
> include $(RTEMS_CUSTOM)
> include $(PROJECT_ROOT)/make/leaf.cfg
> I've followed all the included file (default.cfg, our_bps.cfg, target.cfg, host.cfg, main.cfg, bsp.cfg) but couldnt' find the rule for OBJS.
> Where is it defined? (I'm trying to build the application with the source located in ../src instead of where I build it)
> Best regards,
> Chan Kim
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