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On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 12:41 AM, Raghav Nayak <raghav.nayak at nxp.com> wrote:

> Hi Sebastian,
> Thanks for your reply. Is there any option to bypass source builder and
> provide bare-metal ARMv8 toolchain path directly to build RTEMS
This is not advised. The RTEMS tool chain includes predefines and implicit
types which would
would not match those in the bare metal toolchain. That ignores that the
GCC language
run-times and the C library itself are built to be aware of RTEMS.

That said, you would start by adding at least one armv8-a multilib option
to gcc/config/arm/t-rtems.
You must have target libraries for the correct CPU variant. This should be
enough to get the
started although it looks like there are multiple FPU variations to take
into account. I don't
have any idea which one of those is common or on your CPU model.

If you have a bare metal BSP with crt0, basic initialization, and polled
console IO, that's
more than enough to do all of the working except any armv7 specific
interrupt changes.
As someone mentioned, using qemu is great for bring this up and the effort
primarily consist of adding code where armv8 varies.

--joel sherrill

> With Regards
>  Raghav
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> Hello,
> ARMv8 is currently not supported in the tool chain or RTEMS itself, since
> nobody asked for it up to now. If you are interested in RTEMS support for
> ARMv8, then you can add it yourself or find someone how does it for you.
> ----- Am 23. Feb 2016 um 6:46 schrieb Raghav Nayak raghav.nayak at nxp.com:
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is Raghav working with NXP Semiconductor. I have a query
> > regarding ARMv8
> > (aarch64) support in RTEMS Compiler. Please let me know do you already
> > provide support for ARMv8 Toolchain from source builder. Kindly throw
> some light on it.
> > Thanks
> >
> > With Regards
> > Raghav
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