How to verify RTEMS 4.11 SMP configuration

Rice, Justin L. (GSFC-5820) justin.l.rice at
Fri Jan 8 16:57:31 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Can anyone provide guidance on the best way to verify RTEMS 4.11 SMP configuration for the sparc GR712RC processor? There are some SMP demos in the testsuites directory. However, the README file specifies that as of June 2011, the tests are known to run only on 

+ pcp4 BSP using qemu with 2-4 cores
+ leon3 BSP using grsim with 4 cores

I also have tried to use application level services (such as rtems_get_processor_count), but the reports from these only seem to indicate a uniprocessor configuration.

Thanks in advance,


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