RSB tool binary locations

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jan 18 23:53:49 UTC 2016

On 19/01/2016 10:42, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I have spent the day trying to build tools since Sebastian's
> announcement of an RSB bump.
> I have had multiple problems that were not RTEMS specific. I had a
> partial download of
> the gcc snapshot. The incomplete file failed the untar. The partial
> download wasn't noticed.
> I am guessing that not having a hash on the file caused this.

Please add the hash or hassle Sebastian.

Releases will fail if there is no hash.

> mpfr failed to download on another run.

It can happen.

Release use our hosts and this thread is about RC1.

> Not sure if our network issues are local but there was bad stuff going
> on today.

Lets see what the error is.


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