USB stack and protocols in RTEMS-4.10?

Emeric Vigier emeric.vigier at
Wed Jun 8 21:34:09 UTC 2016

Hi RTEM'ers,

I have a devboard driven by a Leon CPU (Sparc arch):
It runs RTEMS- I'd like to know if this version includes a
USB stack (for Sparc) and/or USB protocols (AFAIK architecture

I saw references of libbsd:

* Does libbsd include a USB stack for Sparc/Leon CPU?
* What USB protocols are supported by this libbsd-rtems? I am
attentive to Mass-Storage (MSC) and Ethernet over USB (CDC, usbnet).
* The RTEMS-4.10.99 running on my board does not embed libbsd. How
much work is it (for the linux kernel developer I am) to integrate
libbsd in RTEMS-4.10.99 for Sparc?


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