USB stack and protocols in RTEMS-4.10?

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Thu Jun 9 07:49:30 UTC 2016

Hello Emeric,

the USB stack is a part of the LibBSD (

On 08/06/16 23:34, Emeric Vigier wrote:
> Hi RTEM'ers,
> I have a devboard driven by a Leon CPU (Sparc arch):
> It runs RTEMS- I'd like to know if this version includes a
> USB stack (for Sparc) and/or USB protocols (AFAIK architecture
> independent?).
> I saw references of libbsd:
> *
> *

I would use the RTEMS master.

> Questions:
> * Does libbsd include a USB stack for Sparc/Leon CPU?

Currently it is not supported. The GRLIB manual suggests that it uses an 
UHCI or EHCI controller. Both are supported by LibBSD. What is missing 
is the LEON adaptation.

> * What USB protocols are supported by this libbsd-rtems? I am
> attentive to Mass-Storage (MSC) and Ethernet over USB (CDC, usbnet).

Mass storage, yes.

Ethernet over USB, no. However, it is supported by FreeBSD, so its just 
porting the code to LibBSD.

> * The RTEMS-4.10.99 running on my board does not embed libbsd. How
> much work is it (for the linux kernel developer I am) to integrate
> libbsd in RTEMS-4.10.99 for Sparc?

This is hard to guess, for an RTEMS newbie maybe four to infinite weeks. 
Its probably more efficient to contract people specialized in this domain.

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