USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE=1 not effective

Joel Sherrill joel at
Tue Jun 14 17:50:24 UTC 2016

Chris might have broken this with his recent changes. But more likely....

What qemu command are you using?

I think Gedare's problem was that his grubmenu was not updated to this:

kernel= (hd0,0)/test.exe --console=/dev/com1

Before Chris' recent changes, the line would have read:

kernel= (hd0,0)/test.exe --console=com1

Notice the missing "/dev/" on --console. It greatly simplified the boot
argument parsing but requires boot args to be updated.

I asked for Gedare's opinion on another thread as to whether we need
to keep backwards compatibility but I don't think he has answered.


On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Saeed Ehteshamifar <salpha.2004 at>

> I've just seen Gedare's problem with this also, which was unfortunately
> unsolved. :(
> On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 6:20 PM, Saeed Ehteshamifar <salpha.2004 at
> > wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems that USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE=1 is not effective for me. I'm
>> configuring RTEMS with this option (bsp: pc386) and as a result, in my BSP
>> install directory (specified by --prefix), I have:
>> *./i386-rtems4.12/pc386/lib/include/bspopts.h:#define USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE
>> 1*
>> However, when I run the hello example, nothing is output to the screen:
>> *qemu-system-i386 -kernel $(find . -name hello.exe) -serial stdio
>> -monitor null -nographic*
>> Below is a screenshot of QEMU, which suggests that both Console and
>> printk are  using /dev/vgacons. Does this imply that the USE_COM... is
>> taken as not effective?
>> And how should I correctly configure RTEMS to put the output to COM1 for
>> pc386?
>> [image: Inline image 1]
>> Thanks!
>> Best Regards,
>> Saeed
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