How to set up an interrupt on Zynq

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Yes, rtems_interrupt_handler_install() works fine for me. Thanks. And now, I get a little confused with the concept "rtems_options". For example, RTEMS_INTERRUPT_SHARED means that this handler may share a common interrupt vector number with other handler. And then how could I know the exact corresponding relationship between interrupt source and interrupt handler?

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for the interrupt API, see <bsp/irq.h> and <rtems/irq-extension.h>. For examples, search for rtems_interrupt_handler_install() in the drivers.
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> Hi all,I recently need to set up some interrups on Zynq via RTEMS, but I got a
> little confusing about it. In C User Manual, it says that we need
> rtems_interrupt_catch to establish an ISR for the system. But, it would go well
> when I tried it. When I dig into the source code, it shows that all the
> directives should be working based on one condition, which is
> CPU_SIMPLE_VECTORED_INTERRUPTS is TRUE. In Zynq, it is FALSE.�And, I also tried
> to configure the interrupts with the memory mapped registers as told in Zynq
> TRM, it did not go well either.�So, any general instructions on this? Thank
> you.�
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