Unable to build schedsim

Matthew Clark linux.matthew at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 21:46:34 UTC 2016

> It is supposed to be built using the native gcc and produce executables
> that can run natively on at least Linux.

> But the scheduler simulator hasn't been kept in sync with the source
> code and I wouldn't expect it to completely build unless that is
> addressed. There are two areas to address:

> + list of RTEMS source tree files in the Makefile is out of date.
> + Some support methods may have changed.

> But overall, the scheduler simulator was for experimenting with
> new scheduler algorithms. If you want to know what RTEMS'
> schedulers do, it is best to just ask questions and play.

Mainly I just wanted a working example at this stage.  I looked
through the test suites and didn't see anything, so I saw the
scheduler sim.  If there's an example of the RTEMS scheduling
mechanisms, that'd be great.


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