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Wed Mar 16 13:53:08 UTC 2016

Am 2016-03-16 14:10, schrieb Wang, John (IVV-1800):
> I have downloaded the RCC compiler.  Added to my $PATH.
> The particular thing is that the C compiler / cross compiler shows
> that it's working during the .configure phase.  However, during gmake
> phase, the compiler cannot be found.

If you use the RCC and RCC-sources you could try the build process 
described in the RCC manual section 1.3.1ff.
You just need to extract the source archive to /opt/rtems-4.10/src and 
run the make from there. That should rebuild RTEMS for you (you might 
need an older version of the autotools to avoid lots of warnings).

>> I am run the bootstrap, and configure command with no issues.
>> However, when I run the make / gmake I command I receive the following
>> error:
>> Checking for sparc-rtems4.10-gcc... no No acceptable cc found in $PATH

IIRC the binaries of the RCC have the prefix sparc-rtems without the 
version number. Maybe that causes some problems?



> The RTEMS sources alone are not enough. Do you have a working 
> cross-compiler?
> You can either download the prebuilt one from gaisler or build one
> using the rtems-source-builder.
> If you already have one, you might have simply forgotten to add the
> location to your PATH environment variable.
> Cheers,
>     Jan
>> Can anyone help me with this?
>> Thank you
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