Zynq : Manual debugging of an RTEMS demo

Badr El Hiouel elh.badr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 15:43:04 UTC 2016

Hi Chris ,

I did the 'si' and more break points , and now I can see why it never stops

Breakpoint 7, arm_cp15_start_setup_translation_table (ttb=<optimized out>,
client_domain=15, config_table=0x104348 <zynq_mmu_config_table>,
    config_count=14) at
133  for (i = 0; i < ARM_MMU_TRANSLATION_TABLE_ENTRY_COUNT; ++i) {

Breakpoint 8, arm_cp15_start_setup_translation_table (ttb=<optimized out>,
client_domain=15, config_table=0x104348 <zynq_mmu_config_table>,
    config_count=14) at
134    ttb [i] = 0;

I checked the file arm-cp15-start.h and the debugger is stuck in this loop.
When entering 'si' the gdb never stops on executing lines 133 then 134 then
133 again ...
I don't know why it never stops in this loop.

That explains why it never stops. But , I looked for this problem on the
internet and nobody is talking about this.


Mail : elh.badr at gmail.com

2016-03-25 9:59 GMT+01:00 Badr El Hiouel <elh.badr at gmail.com>:

> Hi Chris ,
> > Did XMD produce any output that indicates a problem? Please make sure
> XMD has not crashed. I have seen it crash in the past, however that was a
> while ago on an old SDK.
> > Maybe set a few other breakpoints. I would set breakpoints on bootcard
> and Init.
> ​XMD has not crashed and there was any output that indicates a problem. I
> did this operation many times.​
> > If you have debugging info you should see the assembler source code for
> start.S and so you should be able to step it. If you see the source code
> try 's' or 'si'.
> ​Yes, i can see the source code of the start.S, I re-did this operation
> this morning again, and instead of doing cont I did next to debug the code
> line per line. And everything went fine until the line code of the start.S
>  ​b bsp_start_hook_0
> ​After I did next and it never stops. I think the problem is in this
> branch .. But what is the functionnality of this ? and where I can find
> this function ?
> > I assume there is no watchdog hardware running?
>> I don't know how can I check if the watchdog is running or not. What can
> be the impact of the watchdog ? ​
> > I have never used XMD but I know users have. I have been using OpenOCD.
> ​I read papers you wrote about this technique. To perform it, we have to
> get other tools (than the tools of the kit )
> > Chris
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