Zynq : Manual debugging of an RTEMS demo

Badr El Hiouel elh.badr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 08:59:11 UTC 2016

Hi Chris ,

> Did XMD produce any output that indicates a problem? Please make sure XMD
has not crashed. I have seen it crash in the past, however that was a while
ago on an old SDK.
> Maybe set a few other breakpoints. I would set breakpoints on bootcard
and Init.

​XMD has not crashed and there was any output that indicates a problem. I
did this operation many times.​

> If you have debugging info you should see the assembler source code for
start.S and so you should be able to step it. If you see the source code
try 's' or 'si'.

​Yes, i can see the source code of the start.S, I re-did this operation
this morning again, and instead of doing cont I did next to debug the code
line per line. And everything went fine until the line code of the start.S

 ​b bsp_start_hook_0

​After I did next and it never stops. I think the problem is in this branch
.. But what is the functionnality of this ? and where I can find this
function ?

> I assume there is no watchdog hardware running?
I don't know how can I check if the watchdog is running or not. What can be
the impact of the watchdog ? ​

> I have never used XMD but I know users have. I have been using OpenOCD.

​I read papers you wrote about this technique. To perform it, we have to
get other tools (than the tools of the kit )

> Chris
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