RTEMS, CodeWarrior, and the PowerPC

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Mar 31 03:39:31 UTC 2016

On 31/03/2016 8:57 AM, Travis Wheatley wrote:
> I am able to successfully build RTEMS for a T2080RDB platform and now wish to create a port for the T1040RDB board.


> I have the CodeWarrior development suite along with a JTAG TAP. I am able to attach to the board, pause U-Boot at the command prompt, and dump out config registers.

A good start.

> My next task is to figure out how to use this debug environment in conjunction with RTEMS code.


> However, since RTEMS is built with a command line configure followed by a make command I am unsure of how I go about configuring the CodeWarrior IDE to give me some source level debugging capability.

It is just debugging?

> I believe this can be done as I saw a thread in an rtems list. However, it consisted of a question similar to mine asking if this could be done followed by a "Yep, and it is awesome" response, but nothing in the way of details.

We can only ask users to add useful information like this to the wiki or 
post something to the user list.

It is hard to convey to a user and our community in general how much we 
actually know and how others may see that information as useful. It has 
taken Joel and I over 25 years to realize RTEMS is more than just a 
kernel project, the community is a collection of very talented embedded 
and real-time people in a wide range of applications and over the past 
10 years we have personally met a number. It is fantastic to do so. We 
want to extract the various skills, tricks and other things we use doing 
embedded real-time software so it is available to future generations. 
*Please* create a wiki page, or update or edit one and help capture this 
stuff so can stop repeating what others have already figured out. It 
does take an hour or two but it helps. :)

> So... can anyone point me to the "Here's how you do source level RTEMS debug from an ide" documentation?

I can only guess from a quick search Codewarrior is Eclipse based. Is 
this true?

Does the debugger behind the IDE GUI have a command line interface?

Does the Codewarrior debugger use ELF format files and so DWARF?

If it does you are a long way to being able to support debugging.

If ELF is supported does the debugger understand the level of DWARF gcc 
generates with the 4.12 tools? There are a number of options to tweak 
the debug info gcc generates.

I suggest you try an existing sample exe and open it in the debugger. A 
hack is to create a bare application in the IDE and replace the 
executable Codewarrior creates with hello.exe.


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