RTEMS, CodeWarrior, and the PowerPC

Travis Wheatley travis.wheatley at emergentspace.com
Wed Mar 30 21:57:55 UTC 2016

I am able to successfully build RTEMS for a T2080RDB platform and now wish to create a port for the T1040RDB board. I have the CodeWarrior development suite along with a JTAG TAP. I am able to attach to the board, pause U-Boot at the command prompt, and dump out config registers. My next task is to figure out how to use this debug environment in conjunction with RTEMS code. However, since RTEMS is built with a command line configure followed by a make command I am unsure of how I go about configuring the CodeWarrior IDE to give me some source level debugging capability.

I believe this can be done as I saw a thread in an rtems list. However, it consisted of a question similar to mine asking if this could be done followed by a "Yep, and it is awesome" response, but nothing in the way of details. 

So... can anyone point me to the "Here's how you do source level RTEMS debug from an ide" documentation?

-- Travis

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