No acceptable cc found in path

Sambeet Panigrahi sambeet161616 at
Mon May 23 23:36:57 UTC 2016

I was trying to install rtems-4.11.0-rc1 using RSB for i386 architecture
(pc486). After configuring rtems-4.11.0-rc1 when i make the files by giving
the command make,i.e.

target architecture: i386.
available BSPs: pc486.
'make all' will build the following BSPs: pc486.
other BSPs can be built with 'make RTEMS_BSP="bsp1 bsp2 ..."'

config.status: creating Makefile

$make all

After this I am getting the error

configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

Does it mean gcc is not buillt?
Can someone help me to resolve this?
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