Building RTEMS 4.11.0 RC4 for i386 targets

Ricardo Derbes rmderbes at
Thu Nov 3 20:00:51 UTC 2016

About rtems 4.11.0-rc4 release building:
Following Chris instructions, I have built rtems 4.11.0-rc4 release,
for i386/pc686 target, without any glitch.
I issued the --without-rtems option when running
../source-builder/sb-set-builder in rtems-source-builder/rtems folder,
because I wanted to build later the pc686 BSP, without networking
support, as to add libbsd.

After that, using i386 BSP and tools (i386-rtems-gcc et al) I made a
checkout of rtems-libbsd from git:// and
built it, also without any issue, so now I have libbsd.a library and
includes along with pc686 files.

The host used was Fedora19 x86-64 host (on a VM), and the only package
I had to install was waf (yum install waf).

Only one caveat: for corporative users like me, who live behind a
draconian proxy with only port 80 available, it's not possible to
download the packages needed by RSB, nor even git://...
Will be possible to add http and proxy support for RSB, and http
protocol for git repos?
Thank you



2016-10-31 18:27 GMT-03:00 Chris Johns <chrisj at>:
> RTEMS 4.11.0 RC4
>  Release: 4.11.0-rc4
>  Date   : 31 October 2016
>  URL    :
> This is a release candidate for RTEMS 4.11.0.
> The release now contains the documentation. The ReST documentation
> source is provided along with HTML and PDF archives of each manual for
> easy download.
> One more release candidate is expected within the next week with the
> remaining documentation updates being worked on after which the
> documentation repo will be branched. There is also some minor packaging
> corrections.
> Please download, review, check, build and test sending any issues to the
> mailing lists.
> To build click on the link and follow the releases README.txt's "Quick
> Guide to Building" section.
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