Russell Haley russ.haley at
Sun Oct 9 06:52:31 UTC 2016

Hi There,

I read about RTEMS in the FreeBSD Journal and it got me very
interested. I'm currently working on an embedded client that I am
writing in Lua 5.3. I am very familiar with FreeBSD and somewhat
familiar with Debian GNU/Linux. I have found notes in various places
that indicate that RTEMS supports lua. So, I would like to drill in a
little bit and ask about the level of support.

a) Do you support the latest 5.3?
b) I am using a library called cqueues that relies on polling
functions such as kqueues and epoll depending on the platform. For
give me if this is not applicable to an RTOS, but does RTEMS support a
polling mechanism? Preferably one noted above?

I am hoping to support something as small as an Arm Cortex M4 type
board. Any recommendations on supported dev boards would be great.
Especially one that has an ethernet port and/or supports USB Wi-Fi
(chipset is not important, dongles are cheap).

Thanks so much,

Russell Haley

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