RTEMS 4.11/4.12 status on e500 targets

Eric Lighthart light.eric.l at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 11:47:50 UTC 2016

RTEMS folk--

I'm having a little trouble getting through RTEMS early initialization 
on a P2020-based target. I hang/crash during TLB (re-)initialization in 
...powerpc/qoriq/start/start.S after entering from U-Boot.

I'm curious to know the status of RTEMS on other e500 targets. The 
P1020RDB is probably the closest to my particular board, among those 
named in the qoriq BSP.

Can anyone vouch for the current 4.11 or 4.12 HEAD builds on P1020RDB? 
(I don't have one to make this test myself; just my "similar" board.)

Thanks for any info.

                    -- Eric Lighthart
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