User manual missing hw-layers.png

Gene Smith gds at
Sat Sep 10 03:04:56 UTC 2016

Tried to build the "user" pdf manual in rtems-docs. It built but there 
was an error.
When I ran pdflatex in rtems-docs/user/build/latex on user.tex like this:
pdflatex --shell-escape  user.tex

It complained about:
! Package pdftex.def Error: File 
`hardware/../../images/user/hw-layers.png' not found.

I copied the file from the rtems ftp site html page and saved it as png 
that fixes the problem.

So I think that file needs to be added to the rtems-docs git repo. I'm 
sure you have it but, in case you don't, I have attached it.

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