Simple question about RTL

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Tue Sep 6 07:28:42 UTC 2016

Hello Chris,

On Tuesday 06 of September 2016 07:12:53 Chris Johns wrote:
> Hi Tim and Pavel,
> Thank you for the patches and testing. I will have a chat to Joel
> tomorrow about the patches and what we will do. If Joel agrees I may
> test and push the patches.
> FYI I am currently looking at #2767 which is reported against 4.11 and a
> zynq so there is real interest on these patches ending up on 4.11.
> Chris

I have made 4.11 to boot on Raspberry Pi.

The final patch

  arm/raspberrypi: minimized mainline patch move MMU in front of application image and correct RPi2 boot on 4.11 branch.

of branch



At least one of these tickets can be assigned to all patches
in this backports branch.

I have to move to other tasks today to have students exams prepared
and to have resources to pay our company bills.

I understand that modifications are huge for 4.11 ....

If there is interrest I can resend series to mainlinglist
when I return from our potential customers meeting.

Best wishes,


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