Building RTEMS application with libbsd

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Sep 8 06:37:49 UTC 2016

On 08/09/2016 16:09, Jinhyun wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I'm trying to run RTEMS network application on VirtualBox.
> It seems that RTEMS mainline doesn't have network driver which can work on
> VirtualBox.
> So I decided to use libbsd package for this work. And I built the libbsd
> package as mentioned in README.waf.
> My question is, what do I do after "waf install"?
> I tried to build the application using makefile which is used for other
> applications before, but it failed with error message, "undefined reference
> to `rtems_bsd_initialize`".
> I exported a constant, RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH as bsp directory installed
> libbsd.
> And my application codes are as below.

If you want to look at a LibBSD application take a look at:

The following files can be used as a base for a new application:


The 'waf configure' in the README's Building section is the one that 
configures for LibBSD.

LibBSD set up is via /etc/rc.conf which is built into the root file system.

  1. This is something I am working on so it is as it comes.
  2. The rtems_waf module has support for LibBSD.
  3. The app contains an example of building a root file system
     using tar.


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