Applying Patches

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Sat Sep 10 22:07:52 UTC 2016

Hello Spencer Deevy,

On Saturday 10 of September 2016 22:35:34 Spencer Deevy wrote:
> Hello everyone, I've run into another beginner question.
> So there is a patch available that I would like to apply to RTEMS:
> I have freshly cloned RTEMS and I have this open in a browser, but I'm
> unsure how to apply said changes? Do I got into each of the files and edit
> them manually? Or is there an easier way that I'm unaware of?

if you have the patch as e-mail then you save it
in mbox format and use "git am".

But for the concrete case, the updated version of patch
with much more cache related fixes is already included
in official "master" / mainline branch (which is now version
RTEMS-4.11.99, in the fact RTEMS-4.12 development repo).

If you want to use stable branch 4.11 which is now in prerelease
stage then you need to apply patch or wait for some time
because cache management fixes for 4.11 are discussed now.

You can find quite huge set of my proposed updates for 4.11
on branch "4.11-arm-update" of my personal RTEMS sandbox

  git clone git://

  git checkout -b 4.11-arm-update origin/4.11-arm-update

We would be happy to hear about results of your testing.
If you want to try 4.11 version then confirmation that
proposed patches works in your setup can help with
considerig their integration in this late phase
of 4.11 preparation. All these patches are backports
from mainline. There they are fully integrated even with
additional fixes and features.

Best wishes,


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