Porting RTEMS on Arm Cortex-M1

Daniel Jones daniel.jones1400 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 06:25:56 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I would like to port rtems to cortex-m1 enabled ProASIC3L dev kit from
Microsemi. I have seen in rtems/score the option for "ArmV6-M". If I am not
wrong, that implements the multilib support. From which BSP should be ideal
for me to start? What about the rtems start code, context switch, exception
handle and other similar files which I have found for armv4 and armv7-m? Do
I have to write these supports for armv6-m? As armv6-m and armv7-m are not
that much different, in which files I have to make some changes? It would
be nice if anyone could share any experience and knowledge about this.

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