rtems from TMS570 SDRAM or INTRAM

AHMED, Asif asif.a.ahmed at airbus.com
Tue Feb 14 08:19:07 UTC 2017

Hello Mr. Sebastian Huber and everyone,

Thank you for your help. I could make the rtems application (rtems-app.exe)
for big endian tms570. Now that I have got the steps right, I would like to make
simple rtems application for the board I have, which is TMS570lc4357 HDK which
contains arm cortex-r5 processor. That's why I wanted to get the basic
tms570ls3137 application right. I have read that It is possible to use
TMS570ls3137_hdk_sdram or TMS570ls3137_hdk_intram configuration while the
when board is setup by https://github.com/hornmich/tms570ls3137-hdk-sdram
initialization code in the Flash. I would like to start from there so that
I can initialize my TMS570lc4357 HDK board using TI's HALCoGen. I have
checked that lc4357 and ls3137 both the boards use same ISSI 442S16400F
SDRAM CHIP. It would be a great help if you could guide me to steps to
follow. I have created one sdram_sci_configuration ccs project for my
lc4357 board similar to that link and changed the linker cmd file of bsp. I can do the bsp clock and other simple changes. But I am not sure how to integrate rtems
application or what to do next? What should be my next step to keep the initialization in the flash and run rtems application from intram or sdram?

I appreciate your support and help. Thank you.

Best Regards
Asif Ahmed

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