checking for struct _Thread_queue_Queue._name... no

Hill, Jeff johill at
Thu Feb 23 22:05:55 UTC 2017


>This is in <sys/lock.h> for _Thread_queue_Queue structure but on 4.12 not 4.11.

I do notice that my configuration file has a line with “Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for rtems” I suspect that this indicates that I am actually using 4.12.

>Are you building RTEMS from git and on the master branch not the 4.11 branch?
>Or are you using the 4.11.1 tarball?

The tool set was built on RHEL using RSB specifying --without-rtems. I downloaded an RSB tarball, and modified some of the RSB configuration to bypass use of native git, due to native git being blocked for most of our systems by the corporate firewall.

The RTEMS source was checked out from git. It does appear that my local git branch is derived off of the master branch instead of the 4.11 branch because this is the latest revision.

6b2fcc4 bsp/xilinx-zynq: Use new Termios device driver

I don’t know how this happened because I do remember explicitly checking out 4.11.

No doubt its git pilot error, but it’s hard to determine exactly what was the cause at this point. My only excuse is that I have been switching back and forth between far too many different source code control cockpits lately.

Thanks for your help!


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On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 2:10 PM, Hill, Jeff <johill at<mailto:johill at>> wrote:

Hello All,

I am merging with 4.11.1, but see some gnu autotools configuration errors for nios2-rtems4.11 I haven't seen before. See below. This was probably not occurring when I was merging with nios2-rtems4.11.0 but I haven't yet worked out what the issue is, or if I am causing it locally.

I will be digging deeper into this later today, but if anyone has some suggestions about a cause, then I might avoid some effort.

My toolchain _is_ recently built by RSB for 4.11.1.

Hmmm... if it worked for 4.11.0 and doesn't for 4.11.1 that seems odd since I
recall there was only a packaging or version number issue fixed between the

This is in <sys/lock.h> for _Thread_queue_Queue structure but on 4.12
not 4.11.

struct _Thread_queue_Queue {
        struct _Ticket_lock_Control _Lock;
        struct _Thread_queue_Heads *_heads;
        struct _Thread_Control *_owner;
        const char *_name;

Are you building RTEMS from git and on the master branch not the 4.11 branch?
Or are you using the 4.11.1 tarball?

I can see a git branch issue causing this and it being easy to do. All the other
things that could have gone wrong seem unlikely.



configure: running /bin/bash '/home/hill/nios2-rtems/rtems/rtems-4-11-merge/c/src/../../cpukit/configure'  '--prefix=/home/hill/install/rtems-4.11' '--host=nios2-rtems4.11' '--build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu' '--target=nios2-rtems4.11' '--disable-itron' '--disable-tests' '--enable-posix' '--enable-cxx' '--enable-networking' '--enable-maintainer-mode' '--with-target-subdir=nios2-rtems4.11' '--exec-prefix=/home/hill/install/rtems-4.11/nios2-rtems4.11' '--includedir=/home/hill/install/rtems-4.11/nios2-rtems4.11/include' 'build_alias=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu' 'host_alias=nios2-rtems4.11' 'target_alias=nios2-rtems4.11' '--with-project-root=../../' '--with-project-top=../../' 'RTEMS_BSP=altera-sys-config-S43X-BPPM' 'RTEMS_CPU_MODEL=fast' 'RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY=altera-sys-config' 'CFLAGS= -O3 -g -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wimplicit-function-declaration -Wstrict-prototypes -Wnested-externs' '--with-project-root=../../../altera-sys-config-S43X-BPPM/'    '--includedir=/home/hill/install/rtems-4.11/nios2-rtem
 s4.11/altera-sys-config-S43X-BPPM/lib/include'    '--libdir=/home/hill/install/rtems-4.11/nios2-rtems4.11/altera-sys-config-S43X-BPPM/lib'    --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=/home/hill/nios2-rtems/rtems/rtems-4-11-merge/c/src/../../cpukit
checking for gmake... no
checking for make... make
checking build system type... x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
checking host system type... nios2-unknown-rtems4.11
checking rtems target cpu... nios2
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-strip... nios2-rtems4.11-strip
checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... /bin/mkdir -p
checking for gawk... no
checking for mawk... mawk
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes
checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... yes
/home/hill/nios2-rtems/rtems/rtems-4-11-merge/c/src/../../cpukit/configure: line 3404: RTEMS_ENABLE_CXX: command not found
checking if cpu nios2 is supported... yes
checking for style of include used by make... GNU
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-gcc... nios2-rtems4.11-gcc
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-gcc... (cached) nios2-rtems4.11-gcc
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking for suffix of executables...
checking whether we are cross compiling... yes
checking for suffix of object files... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether nios2-rtems4.11-gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-gcc option to accept ISO C89... none needed
checking dependency style of nios2-rtems4.11-gcc... gcc3
checking how to run the C preprocessor... nios2-rtems4.11-gcc -E
checking whether nios2-rtems4.11-gcc accepts --pipe... yes
/home/hill/nios2-rtems/rtems/rtems-4-11-merge/c/src/../../cpukit/configure: line 4696: RTEMS_GCC_SPECS: command not found
/home/hill/nios2-rtems/rtems/rtems-4-11-merge/c/src/../../cpukit/configure: line 4720: RTEMS_PROG_CXX_FOR_TARGET: command not found
checking whether nios2-rtems4.11-gcc --pipe and cc understand -c and -o together... yes
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-ar... nios2-rtems4.11-ar
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-ranlib... nios2-rtems4.11-ranlib
checking dependency style of nios2-rtems4.11-gcc --pipe... gcc3
checking for nios2-rtems4.11-ranlib... (cached) nios2-rtems4.11-ranlib
checking for RTEMS newlib... yes
checking for strsep... yes
checking for strcasecmp... yes
checking for snprintf... yes
checking for strdup... yes
checking for strndup... yes
checking for strncasecmp... yes
checking for bcopy... yes
checking for bcmp... yes
checking for isascii... yes
checking for fileno... yes
checking for readdir_r... yes
checking for isatty... yes
checking for creat... yes
checking for opendir... yes
checking for closedir... yes
checking for readdir... yes
checking for rewinddir... yes
checking for scandir... yes
checking for seekdir... yes
checking for sleep... yes
checking for telldir... yes
checking for usleep... yes
checking for __assert... yes
checking for execl... yes
checking for execlp... yes
checking for execle... yes
checking for execv... yes
checking for execvp... yes
checking for execve... yes
checking for regcomp... yes
checking for regexec... yes
checking for regerror... yes
checking for regfree... yes
checking whether flockfile is declared... yes
checking for flockfile... no
checking whether funlockfile is declared... yes
checking for funlockfile... no
checking whether ftrylockfile is declared... yes
checking for ftrylockfile... no
checking for struct _Thread_queue_Queue._name... no
configure: error: please update your tool chain via the RSB <>
configure: error: /bin/bash '/home/hill/nios2-rtems/rtems/rtems-4-11-merge/c/src/../../cpukit/configure' failed for ../../cpukit
make[2]: *** [altera-sys-config-S43X-BPPM] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/hill/build/b-rtems/nios2-rtems4.11/c'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/hill/build/b-rtems/nios2-rtems4.11/c'
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
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