Zync Zedboard vs ZC702 and I2C

Scott Zemerick scott at zemericks.com
Sat Feb 25 13:58:05 UTC 2017

I've been reading the forum posts over the last couple of days regarding
the Zync Zedboard and Microzed.  Does anyone have any experience or
suggestions on the following?

* I have both the Zedboard and the ZC702 eval board - both of these use the
same chip.  Anyone tried putting rtems on the ZC702?  I imagine that it
would work since people have been successful with the microzed.

* How is the I2C support in the rtems Zync Zedboard BSP?  Anyone using it
with either the Zedboard or ZC702?  Example code to share?  What I2C slave
device are you using?

General thoughts/suggestions are appreciated!

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