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On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 7:30 AM, Michael Weise <michael.weise at>

> Dear all,
> I just visited the RTEMS website ( and found two
> broken links:
> Thanks for reporting these. The rehosting involved moving from one host
and IP address to multiple computers with jails. This resulted in host
names no longer
mapping to the same place. For example, and
used to
be equivalent hosts.

Also the issue tracking system and wiki were converted from Bugzilla and
to Trac. This resulted in a lot of broken links and formatting errors in
Wiki pages.

> * References to RTEMS - points to the non-existing wiki page

This one I have fixed.

> * IRC Logs - points to but
> raises a "Page not found" error.

This hasn't been fixed since we moved hosting. See
and add yourself to track the status. It is lower status than finishing
so that the docs and Doxygen are automatically generated again.

FWIW all of the rehosting, conversion of documentation to Sphinx and new
documents, new web content, and waf has been done almost completely
by volunteer effort. It is just slow. The project doesn't have funds to
dedicate someone to the tasks. Finishing the Waf conversion in particular
is going to take a block of dedicated time to complete.

> Also I found that the facebook link requires me to log into facebook. I
> do not use facebook and (hopefully) never will. Maybe you could
> make the page public so that "non-facebookers" can see it as well?!
I don't understand what would be different from now. It is public:

Public Group. Anyone can see the group, its members and their posts.

Facebook has gotten aggressive about a logging in based on my look in
another browser.


> Regards
> Michael
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