RFC: Any Outstanding Issues Before Branching 4.12?

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Jun 1 07:01:48 UTC 2017

On 01/06/2017 16:43, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Once the recent tool switch to gcc 7.1 has settled, I know of no major
> outstanding issues holding back branching 4.12.

Maybe in the kernel and tools on a couple of operating system.

> If anyone has items they consider critical to resolve before branching or
> releasing 4.12.0, please speak up ASAP. Otherwise, we will be moving tickets to
> either the next major release or a 4.12 dot release.

Yes many. Please review the milestone in TRAC and tickets. See:


We cannot branch until we have those under control and cleaned up.

Also for me I see:

- Building the tools on Windows.
- Wiki and other doco, get all the Get Starting guides need to be updated
  to reference 4.12.
- Removing the need to build the docs on my server here in Sydney.
- The 4.11.2 release has priority, it is getting close.

The work all this adds up. I am sorry to disappoint but the work to make a
release is more than making branch in a couple or repos.

Can we please get these things under control and avoid the mess of 4.11 where we
had to rework patches twice? It will only delay the actual release.


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