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> Hello everyone.
> i have a BUS with small ram memory (2MB).
> my code having a lot of global variables and static variables and many
> many code lines.
> i get this error when execute : "bootcard : work space too big for work
> area: # > # "
> what should i reduce in order to make enough work space? .
> also  there is a limited space  for the code segment ? or the data
> segment? i don't know maybe rtems restrict block of memory to data segment
> that i cant exceed it.. or i can change it...
> one more question , there is a way to calculate how much memory my program
> holds in the ram , including the rtems os ,when the program load it say how
> much capacity but it not very accurate..

What is your RTEMS configuration? What are the values of the
"CONFIGURE_xxx" defines?

This error indicates you tried to configure more objects than are
supportable in the RAM available.

If your code is in RAM, then you have to accommodate the .text, .data, and
.bss before the
workspace and C program heap begins.

To avoid a couple of round trips on emails, what is the output of
sparc-rtems4.XX-size on your executable?


> the BUS using leon 3 processor, and i using grmon as a debugger
> thanks for helpers!
> Yaron .
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