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yaron o jaron0123 at
Tue Jun 27 13:51:17 UTC 2017

Hello everyone.

i have a BUS with small ram memory (2MB).

my code having a lot of global variables and static variables and many many
code lines.
i get this error when execute : "bootcard : work space too big for work
area: # > # "
what should i reduce in order to make enough work space? .
also  there is a limited space  for the code segment ? or the data segment?
i don't know maybe rtems restrict block of memory to data segment that i
cant exceed it.. or i can change it...
one more question , there is a way to calculate how much memory my program
holds in the ram , including the rtems os ,when the program load it say how
much capacity but it not very accurate..

the BUS using leon 3 processor, and i using grmon as a debugger

thanks for helpers!

Yaron .

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