Questions for SMP feature.

Thomas Kim at
Thu Mar 16 09:12:27 UTC 2017

Dear Sir,

I have used RTEMS 4.12 modified version for single core only of
i.MX6Q(Cortex-A9) until now.
At this time, I am trying to add SMP feature from one core to four cores.

Because I have a problem regarding "RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_SMP", I am trying to
find a reason in my working version.

As I know in RTEMS SMP booting sequence, after first RTEMS kernel on master
core(core0) is run, three RTEMS kernel entry on each core1, core2, core3 is

At this time, RTEMS kernel on master core(core 0) initialize several device
 - console driver for debug port.
 - additional serial driver for device I/O communication.
 - file system for sd-card.
 - framebuffer for LCD panel.

I guess that RTEMS kernel on core1, core2, core3 will initialze same
device(console, sd-card, framebuffer) as like kernel on core0.

Is this correct ?

Best Regards,
Thomas Kim
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