GSoC porting RTEMS on TI C6X DSP

Joel Sherrill joel at
Fri Mar 17 13:52:58 UTC 2017

You mentioned having STM hardware. That doesn't get as much activity as the
Pi or BB so is much more likely to be in need of various drivers being
brought online. Review the BSP versus what you have and report back.

The Pi and BB have had a lot of work done and it is getting hard to find
device driver projects.

On Mar 17, 2017 3:45 AM, "Denis Obrezkov" <denisobrezkov at> wrote:

> Personally I am always interested in ports to new architectures but this
>> particular
>> one has hurdles for maintenance. And as you say, it seems to be a
>> somewhat
>> dated architecture.
> No, I think that the board is a bit outdated , but the architecture itself
> is highly popular:
> * it has a higher performance than arm (much higher in calculations)
> * it is kind of simple
> * it has an open description (GPUs haven't)
> In my company many people want to start using some RTOS on top of DSP, but
> there
> is only TI/RTOS and it is bad.
>>> If so, could you list the most required projects?
>>> I have a beaglebone and a low cost low power stm32 board,
>>> interested in real-time systems and testing (interesting - how to make
>>> temporal and
>>> mock testing for rtems), have read ARINC653.
>> Although it might not sound like it, the x86_64 port and BSP project is
>> very important to RTEMS. The current i386 PC port/BSP is primarily
>> for legacy hardware with some recent "adjustments" to accomodate
>> HW that has technically existed for 15 years. For example, I hacked
>> on the PCI access methods to support new hardware that didn't support
>> the ancient method. There is a long list of reasons why an x86_64
>> port is needed but the top are:
>> I think there is no proper support of x86_64 because no one need it in
> embedded . Again, I know people who use x86 computer with dos, but it is
> true only for old products. In newer products ARM, TI DSPs, AD DSPs and
> FPGAs are used. MIPS sometimes is used too .Also, most of the time I
> don't like x86_64 architecture.
> Is it possible to do something with beaglebone and/or arm?
> --
> Regards, Denis Obrezkov
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