GSoC porting RTEMS on TI C6X DSP

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Fri Mar 17 14:20:06 UTC 2017

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:

> You mentioned having STM hardware. That doesn't get as much activity as
> the Pi or BB so is much more likely to be in need of various drivers being
> brought online. Review the BSP versus what you have and report back.
> The Pi and BB have had a lot of work done and it is getting hard to find
> device driver projects.
Another option which is also a porting/BSP project is aarch64 support.
Qemu should
be able to simulate that although I don't know which board. The tool chain
is already
in the RSB.


> On Mar 17, 2017 3:45 AM, "Denis Obrezkov" <denisobrezkov at> wrote:
>> Personally I am always interested in ports to new architectures but this
>>> particular
>>> one has hurdles for maintenance. And as you say, it seems to be a
>>> somewhat
>>> dated architecture.
>> No, I think that the board is a bit outdated , but the architecture
>> itself is highly popular:
>> * it has a higher performance than arm (much higher in calculations)
>> * it is kind of simple
>> * it has an open description (GPUs haven't)
>> In my company many people want to start using some RTOS on top of DSP,
>> but there
>> is only TI/RTOS and it is bad.
>>>> If so, could you list the most required projects?
>>>> I have a beaglebone and a low cost low power stm32 board,
>>>> interested in real-time systems and testing (interesting - how to make
>>>> temporal and
>>>> mock testing for rtems), have read ARINC653.
>>> Although it might not sound like it, the x86_64 port and BSP project is
>>> very important to RTEMS. The current i386 PC port/BSP is primarily
>>> for legacy hardware with some recent "adjustments" to accomodate
>>> HW that has technically existed for 15 years. For example, I hacked
>>> on the PCI access methods to support new hardware that didn't support
>>> the ancient method. There is a long list of reasons why an x86_64
>>> port is needed but the top are:
>>> I think there is no proper support of x86_64 because no one need it in
>> embedded . Again, I know people who use x86 computer with dos, but it is
>> true only for old products. In newer products ARM, TI DSPs, AD DSPs and
>> FPGAs are used. MIPS sometimes is used too .Also, most of the time I
>> don't like x86_64 architecture.
>> Is it possible to do something with beaglebone and/or arm?
>> --
>> Regards, Denis Obrezkov
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