unable to compile rtems-libbsd

Pham, Phong phamp at ddc-web.com
Thu May 11 16:26:04 UTC 2017


After following the README.waf procedure, I receive the following error (at the end of the email) in step 8 right when I issued waf command.

Any advise on the compiler error below?  I am currently using RTEMS checkedout (cloned) on May 8th 2017 but the tool chain (RSB) that I successfully compiled is early Jan.  Re-cloning tool chain w/ today's date???

I randomly selected powerpc virtex5 RTEMS BSP, configure it, make, make install it, re-configure waf, run waf and still receive the same error...  Do you have a PowerPC BSP that is known to be compatible with rtems-libbsd so that waf can compile so I can use it as a baseline?  I know the README.waf provide xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu as a BSP ex. but it is for ARM...


Below is the compiler error when I use my scs750 BSP.

In file included from ../../freebsd/sbin/pfctl/parse.y:76:0:
../../freebsd/include/err.h:49:1: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'void'
void err(int, const char *, ...) __dead2 __printf0like(2, 3);
In file included from ../../freebsd/sbin/pfctl/parse.y:78:0:
/home/phamp/development/rtems/4.12/powerpc-rtems4.12/include/pwd.h:51:1: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'struct'
struct passwd {
../../freebsd/sbin/pfctl/parse.y: In function '_bsd_pfctl_pfctlyparse':
../../freebsd/sbin/pfctl/parse.y:3342:24: error: 'struct passwd' has no member named 'pw_uid'
     $$ = pw->pw_uid;

Build failed
-> task in 'yacc_pfctly' failed with exit status 1:
              {task 44351728: c parse.c -> parse.c.10.o}
['/home/phamp/development/rtems/4.12/bin/powerpc-rtems4.12-gcc', '-qrtems', '-B/home/phamp/development/rtems/4.12/powerpc-rtems4.12/lib/', '-B/home/phamp/development/rtems/4.12/powerpc-rtems4.12/scs750/lib/', '--specs', 'bsp_specs', '-mcpu=750', '-mcpu=750', '-mmultiple', '-mmultiple', '-mstring', '-mstring', '-mstrict-align', '-mstrict-align', '-O2', '-g', '-fno-strict-aliasing', '-ffreestanding', '-fno-common', '-w', '-Irtemsbsd/powerpc/include', '-I../../rtemsbsd/powerpc/include', '-Ifreebsd/sys/powerpc/include', '-I../../freebsd/sys/powerpc/include', '-Irtemsbsd/include', '-I../../rtemsbsd/include', '-Ifreebsd/sys', '-I../../freebsd/sys', '-Ifreebsd/sys/contrib/pf', '-I../../freebsd/sys/contrib/pf', '-Ifreebsd/sys/net', '-I../../freebsd/sys/net', '-Ifreebsd/include', '-I../../freebsd/include', '-Ifreebsd/lib', '-I../../freebsd/lib', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libbsdstat', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libbsdstat', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libc/include', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libc/include', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libc/isc/include', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libc/isc/include', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libc/resolv', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libc/resolv', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libutil', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libutil', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libkvm', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libkvm', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libmemstat', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libmemstat', '-Ifreebsd/lib/libipsec', '-I../../freebsd/lib/libipsec', '-Ifreebsd/contrib/expat/lib', '-I../../freebsd/contrib/expat/lib', '-Ifreebsd/contrib/libpcap', '-I../../freebsd/contrib/libpcap', '-Ifreebsd/contrib/libxo', '-I../../freebsd/contrib/libxo', '-Irtemsbsd/sys', '-I../../rtemsbsd/sys', '-ImDNSResponder/mDNSCore', '-I../../mDNSResponder/mDNSCore', '-ImDNSResponder/mDNSShared', '-I../../mDNSResponder/mDNSShared', '-ImDNSResponder/mDNSPosix', '-I../../mDNSResponder/mDNSPosix', '-Itestsuite/include', '-I../../testsuite/include', '-DHAVE_RTEMS_SCORE_CPUOPTS_H=1', '-DHAVE_RTEMS_H=1', '../../freebsd/sbin/pfctl/parse.c', '-c', '-o/home/phamp/Desktop/rtems-dev/rtems_0508/rtems-libbsd/build/powerpc-rtems4.12-scs750/freebsd/sbin/pfctl/parse.c.10.o']
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