Debugging RTEMS application for zedboard

Gabriel Brusq gabriel.brusq at
Thu May 18 08:21:53 UTC 2017

>> I've heard GDB does not support dynamic positioning of breakpoint
>> which means that breakpoint must be set before compiling, with function breakpoint()
> This is not the case. The CortexA9 supports break point instructions as
> well as a hardware break and watch points.
Well if I understand I should compile rtems-gdb and I could easily debug source-level ?
>> Is there any other source-level debugging option ?
> There are a number of options depending on your projects needs and
> budget. I suggest you review the Zynq - Zedboard wiki page:
> I use JTAG with OpenOCD and libdebugger. The libdebugger support is
> usable but has some issues I am looking into.
What are the benefits to use OpenOCD instead of GDB ?
Regarding libdebugger I found your previous thread
What is this library for ? How is it used ?
Thanks for your answers,
Gabriel Brusq
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