Debugging RTEMS application for zedboard

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu May 18 08:29:36 UTC 2017

On 18/5/17 6:21 pm, Gabriel Brusq wrote:
>>> I've heard GDB does not support dynamic positioning of breakpoint
>>> which means that breakpoint must be set before compiling, with function breakpoint()
>> This is not the case. The CortexA9 supports break point instructions as
>> well as a hardware break and watch points.
> Well if I understand I should compile rtems-gdb and I could easily debug
> source-level ?

The RSB will build a suitable GDB for you.

>>> Is there any other source-level debugging option ?
>> There are a number of options depending on your projects needs and
>> budget. I suggest you review the Zynq - Zedboard wiki page:
>> I use JTAG with OpenOCD and libdebugger. The libdebugger support is
>> usable but has some issues I am looking into.
> What are the benefits to use OpenOCD instead of GDB ?

They work together, GDB handles the debugging side of things for you and
OpenOCD interfaces to your target hardware. GDB and OpenOCD connect
using the GDB remote protocol.

OpenOCD connects to some form of pod, typically using USB, and the pod
connects to the JTAG connector of your target. OpenOCD understands the
often complex JTAG protocol.

> Regarding libdebugger I found your previous
> thread
> What is this library for ? How is it used ?

If you build libbsd for the Zedboard a debugger test application is built.

If you start the server on your Zedboard you can connect to it with the


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