Best way to use RTEMS in existing project

Olivier C. Larocque oclarocque at
Fri May 19 09:42:31 UTC 2017

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 2:07 PM, Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
> On May 18, 2017 5:20 AM, "Olivier C. Larocque" <oclarocque at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a project using Eclipse and System Workbench for STM32 (GNU ARM
> embedded toolchain) targeting a STM32F446 microcontroller. I am using
> a proprietary RTOS right now and would like to swap it for RTEMS so I
> can open source my work.
> I went through RTEMS documentation and did some tests to familiarize
> myself with RTEMS build system and how it handles BSPs.
> What I need to know is what is the best way to proceed.
> Do I need to use the complete RTEMS build system or I can add the core
> RTEMS OS files into my project and make the Eclipse build system
> manage them like I was doing with my other RTOS?
> Yes. You just need to make sure you pass the correct arguments for using
> RTEMS on that BSP. It will almost always be nothing more than this sequence
> of arguments. Look in the build and the make/custom file for your BSP for
> details.
> -B... --joel bsp_specs -brtems
> Plus the CPU_CFLAGS for your BSP.
> The first part adds the libraries and include path for the RTEMS install to
> the GCC invocation. The second adds specific CPU model flags.
> Beyond that, we don't care what you use for a build system.

When I build an example project from example-v2, that is what the
output looks like, so I guess it was the way you meant:

arm-rtems4.11-gcc --pipe
-specs bsp_specs -qrtems   -Wall  -O2 -g    -march=armv7-m -mthumb
  -c   -o o-optimize/test.o test.c

Does your --joel switch is equivalent to the -specs switch?

What about -brtems versus -qrtems?

> If using the complete RTEMS build system, what's the best way to tell
> it how to compile my application code? Should I recreate my project
> from scratch using examples-v2 like structure?
> What would you suggest?
> Thanks for your time
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