Debugging RTEMS application for zedboard

Gabriel Brusq gabriel.brusq at
Wed May 24 11:53:09 UTC 2017

>>>> I've heard GDB does not support dynamic positioning of breakpoint
>>>> which means that breakpoint must be set before compiling, with function breakpoint()
>>> This is not the case. The CortexA9 supports break point instructions as
>>> well as a hardware break and watch points.

>> Well if I understand I should compile rtems-gdb and I could easily debug
>> source-level ?

> The RSB will build a suitable GDB for you.

I compiled rtems-4.11-gdb and I am able to use XMD with gdb (target remote)
I can debug step by step rtems' helloworld example and continuing until relatively near breakpoints
But when I try to continue until far breakpoints there is a target crash which seems to be linked to JTAG buffer.

-- What I've done

- xmd side:
XMD% connect arm hw
XMD% rst -system
XMD% fpga -f /root/workspace_brusq/xsdk/hw_platform/zynq_design_wrapper.bit
XMD% source /root/workspace_brusq/xsdk/hw_platform/ps7_init.tcl
XMD% ps7_init
XMD% ps7_post_config
XMD% ps7_debug
XMD% dow /root/workspace_brusq/rtems_gdb_hello_C_CortexA9_RTEMS.exe

- gdb side:
$> cd $EXE_DIR
$> arm-rtems4.11-gdb rtems_gdb_hello_C_CortexA9_RTEMS.exe
(gdb) target remote tcp:
(gdb) load $EXE_DIR/rtems_gdb_hello_C_CortexA9_RTEMS.exe

-- Whet I get when continuing without breakpoint

- xmd side:
Processor Stop Condition Unknown
       Cannot access JTAG-DP: invalid ACK value (0x04, expected=0x02)
Cannot flush JTAG buffers

- gdb side:
Remote failure reply: E01
Remote failure reply: E01
Remote failure reply: E01

Can this error be linked to RTEMS
or should I continue this topic on Xilinx page ?


Gabriel Brusq

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