Stack_check_Dump_threads_usage printing out the wrong values

Mr. Andrei Chichak groups at
Wed Nov 15 22:50:53 UTC 2017

I’m working with 4.12 for ARM   (cortex M7)

I’m tracing down an issue and figured it smelled like a stack problem, so I got my command line interpreter to call rtems_stack_checker_report_usage().

The addresses that it is printing out are just wrong.

                             STACK USAGE BY THREAD
ID         NAME                  LOW        HIGH       CURRENT    AVAIL  USED
0x09010001 IDLE                  0x536902024 0x536906119 0x536906024   4080    164
0x0A010001 UI1                   0x536906128 0x536910223 0x536910112   4080    404
0x0A010002 CfgT                  0x536910232 0x536914327 0x536914120   4080    288
0x0A010003 LOGT                  0x536914728 0x536918823 0x536918248   4080    648
0x0A010004 MonT                  0x536918832 0x536922927 0x536922592   4080    404
0x0A010005 ADCT                  0x536922936 0x536927031 0x536926712   4080    388
0x0A010006 CSLT                  0x536927040 0x536931135 0x536930512   4080   1236

So I started chasing the source code and I find that on line 408 of check.c in function Stack_check_Dump_threads_usage, in the line:

    "0x%08" PRIx32 " %-21s 0x%08" PRIuPTR " 0x%08" PRIuPTR " 0x%08" PRIuPTR " %6" PRId32 " ",
    (uintptr_t) stack->area,
    (uintptr_t) stack->area + (uintptr_t) stack->size - 1,
    (uintptr_t) current,

Stack->area has the value 0x20009998 and the value of stack->size is 4096  ( for process CfgT). Current has the value 0x2000a8c8.

AH, I get it, the values are being prepended with 0x and then printing out in decimal instead of hex.

Perhaps in the format, the PRIuPTRs should be PRIx32s instead???


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