Building RSB (RTEMS Source Builder) on Windows 10

Jacob Saina jsaina at
Thu Nov 16 00:26:58 UTC 2017

> Please use 4.11.2, 4.11.0 is known to be broken.

Will do.

> My build got lost, Windows 10 decided to update and restart over night even
> after attempting to configure it not too.

The first time I tried to build it took 20 hours to fail because Windows
ignored my setting not to sleep due to inactivity, and I didn't realize
that it was suspending rather than just shutting the screen off....

In theory it is a good idea however some archs have too many BSP and the
> time
> and resources it consumes makes this problematic. It may be simpler to not
> build
> the RTEMS kernel and to make sure the documentation and Quick Start in the
> release details how to build the kernel. This way the tools get built and
> installed as a step and then the kernel can be built as a second step. At
> the
> moment any failure means no tools and kernel and that is not great or user
> friendly.

We thought we were doing the two-step process this whole time anyway, so
from now on we will be using the --without-rtems flag and actually breaking
it into two steps.

For reference in the mailing list archive, the link to the wiki is:

> In an attempt to make a single simple place to handle this I have added to
> the
> top page of the Wiki a Releases table. A click on a bookmark to the wiki
> brings
> you to this table and it is at the top so it should always be visible
> without
> scrolling.

> The table contains the releases the RTEMS project publicly supports.
> Currently
> this is 5, 4.11 and 4.10. The project supports the development branch (git
> master) and the previous two releases. Other releases may have work done
> on them
> based on commercial support efforts.
> The table contains a Download column and clicking on that link should take
> you
> to the download directory for the release. This is a second click.
> There is also a link to the Documentation and a link to create a bug for
> that
> release. Each a click from the top of the wiki page.
> The first column takes you to the Release Notes page which is a top level
> wrapper for the dot point release notes. The dot point release notes are
> captured in a PDF by the release process and placed in the release
> directory.
> I hope this helps.

Very useful, thanks!

I had run the 4.11.0 build from git before you told me it was broken -- It
also fails on this machine on arg4n2xwm1. Since 4.11.0 built completely on
our older Windows 7 machine, but all the "--without-rtems" builds (4.11.2
release tarball, 4.11.0 release tarball, 4.11.0 git checkout) I've tried
fail on this same step, does that suggest something wrong with my
I am currently building 4.11.2 from git ("git checkout 4.11.2" prior to
building), and it looks promising because it's been going for longer than
the others took to fail. I'll report back tomorrow.

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