Building RSB (RTEMS Source Builder) on Windows 10

Jacob Saina jsaina at
Thu Nov 16 21:04:34 UTC 2017

> I am currently building 4.11.2 from git ("git checkout 4.11.2" prior to
> building), and it looks promising because it's been going for longer than
> the others took to fail. I'll report back tomorrow.

My computer also rebooted, but seemingly after the build completed. This
means that the build completed, correct?:
___________________BEGIN LOG EXCERPT__________________________________
RTEMS Source Builder - Set Builder, 4.11 (b487b7d13021 modified)

 Command Line: ../source-builder/sb-set-builder --jobs=none --without-rtems
--prefix=D:/opt/rtems/4.11 4.11/rtems-arm

 Python: 2.7.14 (default, Sep 18 2017, 09:17:44)  [GCC 7.2.0 64 bit


cleaning: arm-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-1

removing: D:\opt\rtems\git\rtems\build\tmp\arm-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-

removing: D:\opt\rtems\git\rtems\build\ark41

removing: D:\opt\rtems\git\rtems\build\tmp\sb-IAI\4.11\rtems-arm

Build Set: Time 2:58:27.982029
_______________________END LOG EXCERPT_________________________________

If so, the build of RSB  using "--without-rtems" completes for me using the
git repo after doing "git checkout 4.11.2," but not using the 4.11.2
release tarball.
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