What are the files that correspond to the Device Tree in the RTEMS-libBSD?

mfg mfg at ugr.es
Mon Sep 18 11:36:12 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I have a question related to the email previously sent by Moritz.

Actually I'm working with a board similar to zc702 board.

My question is:

If we have a device tree, it is easy to see which is the register is 
being used, for example in Zedboard's DT:

			phy at 0 {
				compatible = "marvell,88e1510";
				device_type = "ethernet-phy";
				reg = <0x0>;
				marvell,reg-init = <0x3 0x10 0xff00 0x1e 0x3 0x11 0xfff0 0xa>;
				linux,phandle = <0x4>;
				phandle = <0x4>;

The PHY register for MDIO is the 0x0.

In RTEMS, Which file I have to touch for change this?  I mean if I want 
to use the 0x2 instead 0x0 or, for example, if I wanted to add another 
ethernet interface.

I've only worked with DT and I'm not sure how to change it in 

Thanks in advance.

Marco Fuentes García.

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