Ethernet Bringup on Xilinx zc702 board

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Hi Sebastian,

I'd like to lift the mystery. First of all, thanks for your pointer to check out cgem_attach(). This worked with the Zedboard but I always landed in the idle-loop on the GigaZee board. The cause for this was that there were no cgem related symbols in the executable generated from our custom BSP for the GigaZee. After further searching, it turned out to be our renamed include guard. The code that includes the network interface checks if the include guard for the zedboard bsp is set. Since we modified it, which in general makes sense, it was not included despite being available in the libbsd library. 4 chars silently broke the network stack.

TLDR: Renamed the BSP include guard and broke the networking stack

Wish you a productive upcoming week!
Moritz Ulmer
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Hello Moritz,

this BSP doesn't use the FDT. It would make the BSP more flexible if
someone adds FDT support to it. You can use a debugger to figure out why
the cgem_attach() function fails.

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