EtherCAT SOEM - RTEMS Integration

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Sep 4 22:27:48 UTC 2017

On 04/09/2017 20:34, Nikolaos Tsiogkas wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working currently on porting the EtherCAT SOEM, an opensource ethercat
> master implementation, to RTEMS.

Excellent. I have an interest in EtherCAT running on RTEMS and I know other
RTEMS users also do.

Is this with rtems-libbsd?

> From what I have read and understood it should be as a 3rd party library.

We prefer to work with the upstream package where we can. If we bring code into
the RTEMS repo or we create a local repo the RTEMS project and the community is
choosing to take on the maintenance. Upstream support has proved over time to be
the best solution.

> I have installed RTEMS and successfully compiled the NTP package.

Is this with the RSB?

> My question is what would be the formal way to go forward with that?

A Trac ticket as a task with details of the work to be done as well as posting
to the devel list. Patches for the various repos are reviewed on the devel list.

> I have
> already forked SOEM so I can work independently and provide patches that would
> make the project work with RTEMS and get them merged on their side. 

Working with the upstream maintainers is important so this is perfect.

The RSB can build the package if you can build it from the command line. If
there are upstream patches under review you can have the RSB fetch those patches
and patch the source. Once the patches are merged upstream we can update the RSB
to no use this patches.

> What would the RTEMS procedure be to include a package?

As stated create a Trac ticket as a task and assign to me and we can work
together. Interact with us on the devel list, this can be questions, status
updates and then patches.

> I don't know if the users or the devel list is more appropriate actually. If it
> should be moved on devel just let me know and I'll post there.

This is a development so I think the devel list is fine to use.


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