EtherCAT SOEM - RTEMS Integration

Nikolaos Tsiogkas niko at
Mon Sep 4 10:34:14 UTC 2017


I'm working currently on porting the EtherCAT SOEM, an opensource ethercat
master implementation, to RTEMS.

>From what I have read and understood it should be as a 3rd party library. I
have installed RTEMS and successfully compiled the NTP package.

My question is what would be the formal way to go forward with that? I have
already forked SOEM so I can work independently and provide patches that
would make the project work with RTEMS and get them merged on their side.
What would the RTEMS procedure be to include a package?

I don't know if the users or the devel list is more appropriate actually.
If it should be moved on devel just let me know and I'll post there.


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