pthread_getattr_np does not work

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Fri Sep 22 08:24:35 UTC 2017

I found out that there is a test in 4.12-master about pthread_getattr_np, so I compiled that one and ran it.

The result shows that this function works well, like this
Init - pthread_getattr_np - attr NULL - EINVAL
Init - pthread_getattr_np - invalid id - ESRCH
Init - pthread_attr_init
Init - pthread_attr_setinheritsched - PTHREAD_EXPLICIT_SCHED
Init - pthread_attr_setschedpolicy to SCHED_RR
Init - pthread_attr_setschedparam to minimum priority + 2
Init - pthread_attr_getstack
Init - pthread_attr_setstack double the stacksize
Init - pthread_attr_getguardsize
Init - pthread_attr_setguardsize double the guardsizecreate
Init - Lower pri
Init - raise priority to max
Init - pthread_ority
Thread - pthread_getattr_np - Verify value
Thread - pthread_setschedparam: Setting highest priority SCHED_FIFO
Thread - Detach
Thread - pthread_getattr_np
Thread - Verify SCHED_FIFO policy
Thread - Verify max priority
Thread - Verify detached
*** END OF 

But, this test just checks the return value, not the value of elements in pthread_attr_t structure. When I tried to print out these values, the same result as before appeared, all 0...

So, how can I modify the source code in rtems to let this function work? Thanks a lot.

Best wishes,
xuelin.tian at
From: xuelin.tian at
Date: 2017-09-20 14:45
To: Sebastian Huber; users at
Subject: Re: Re: pthread_getattr_np does not work
I need to get thread attributes through this function. 

#define __GNU_VISIBLE
#include <pthread.h>

test_thread (guint8 **staddr, size_t *stsize)
pthread_attr_t attr;
uint8_t **staddr = NULL;
size_t *stsize = 0;
        int res = 0;

res = pthread_getattr_np (pthread_self(), &attr);
pthread_attr_getstack (&attr, (void**)staddr, stsize);
pthread_attr_destroy (&attr);

I check the return value is 0 which means pthread_getattr_np goes well. But all values in attr structure are either 0 or 1. And I can not get staddr and stsize value either.

So, I think there may be something wrong with this function.

Best wishes,
xuelin.tian at
From: Sebastian Huber
Date: 2017-09-20 13:00
To: xuelin.tian at; users at
Subject: Re: pthread_getattr_np does not work
On 20/09/17 05:43, xuelin.tian at wrote:
> Dear all,
> I tried to use pthread_getattr_np function to extract attrributes of 
> thread in rtems, but it does not work. Has anyone used this function 
> before?
What do you mean with doesn't work?
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