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Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijaykumar9597 at
Fri Apr 27 22:00:14 UTC 2018

Hello Community!

My name is Vijay Kumar Banerjee and I'm one of the student developers who
would be working with RTEMS project this summer under the GSoC 2018 program.

After engaging with the awesome developer community for over a month I'm
certain of great summer ahead, filled with a lot of learning opportunities
and challenges. Specifically, I will be working on improving the coverage
analysis toolset under the guidance of the mentors, Joel Sherill, Chris
Johns and Cillian O'Donnell.

I hope to accomplish the following through the project :

   1. Integrating the coverage tools with the RTEMS Tester: The coverage
   tools had been under development for quite some time, there had been three
   previous SoC projects on this and now it is close to integration with the
   main repo, however, there are still some outstanding issues that need work
   mostly parsing of the INI files and setting of the build paths.
   2. generating gcov output and verification: After the integration of the
   coverage tools, the next target would be to work on the gcov report
   generation and verification of the reports. This one seems to be pretty
   challenging as it would need quite some study in investigating the
   discrepancies between what covoar reports directly and what gcov reports
   based on its gcov file output. If trusted gcov reports can be generated, it
   would be a very significant progress in the coverage analysis project.
   3. If/When trusted gcov reports are generated, the next work would be on
   trying to generate the output in some data-centric format instead of direct
   html and ascii, the preferred format and approach to achieve this
   without losing the capabilities with the html an txt output, needs some
   discussion with ideas from the mentors who have some plans about this.

 The project wiki
<> (
 and the blog <> (
both are currently under development and don't show much detail at this
point, they'll gradually grow and have a detailed report as the project

Thank you for all the support and guidance, looking forward to a great
summer ahead

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