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Mon Apr 30 07:15:58 UTC 2018


I am Vidushi Vashishth, and I have been selected for the Google Summer of
Code'18 program. I look forward to a productive and enriching summer with
the RTEMS community.

I will be working on enhancement of the tracing system of RTEMS, under the
guidance of mentors: Gedare Bloom, Chris Johns and Sebastian Huber. The
main objectives of my project are threefold:

1) Combine the Common Trace Format with the functionality of the Trace
Linker. I will be working with barectf and rtems-tld in this regard.
2) Coming up with a synchronisation and transport mechanism to send trace
records to the host machine.
3) Investigate the importance of live tracing functionality and addition of
kernel level tracing. I will design both possibilities and decide which one
to work on by the end of phase 1 of my evaluation.

The wiki page for my project is:

I will be documenting the progress of my project on my blog:

Both of these sources are empty right now but will be modified with
relevant information over the course of this summer.

Thanks and Regards,
Vidushi Vashishth
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