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Mon Apr 30 17:57:07 UTC 2018

 Hello Users

This is Salil Sirotia an M.Tech Scholar from IIT(ISM) Dhanbad. I came to
know about GSOC from my seniors so i enquired more regarding and found it
amusing after that i did my research regarding this and applied for GSOC
2018 and got selected.My project is POSIX Compliance  where i have to
implement some libraries, methods and port the code to Newlib-Cygwin.

POSIX stands for Portable Operating System Interface for uni-X. Posix
Compliance allows us to port the source code that is running on one machine
, can be run on another machine. This Project deals with the implementation
of the subset of functions that are defined in POSIX 1003_1 standard, Due
to physical resource constraints, some real-time systems like the small
embedded system needs a limited set of operating system functionality. For
these type of systems, it is necessary that the standard allow the
implementation to support only a particular subset of POSIX functions.
POSIX profiles defined in FACE Technical Standards, designed for avionics
system verses POSIX in RTEMS where some functions are missing. These
missing function need to be implemented. For the same I will use FreeBSD,
NetBSD, POSIX 1003_1 as a refrence and IEEE std 1003.1 TM 2008. I will
integrate these implemented function to Newlib. Header files and related
methods that are not yet implemented.

This summer I will try to do all the above task and try to gain as much as

Thanks & regards,
Salil Sirotia,
Mtech,CSE-IS(Final Year),
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