GSoC'18 Project Introduction - Porting SDIO driver and benchmarking

Udit agarwal dev.madaari at
Mon Apr 30 17:45:13 UTC 2018

Hi all,
I am Udit Agarwal and this summer, i'll be working on SDIO driver and
different I/O benchmarks with an aim to port FreeBSD's MMC-CAM implemented
SDIO stack to RTEMS. Along with this, a large part of my project revolves
around selecting, importing a suitable IO benchmark tool and benchmarking
the present SDHC driver against the newly imported SDIO driver.
Block device drivers (mainly SDHC,SDIO and USB Mass storage) in both
FreeBSD and RTEMS will be benchmarked against each other, to have some
statistics that highlights the efficacy of importing drivers from FreeBSD.

Project specific detailed course of action along with the timeline can be
found in my project proposal. Here
I will be documenting each part of the project on my blog
<> as well as on the wiki
<> page.

Do let me know in case of any feedback or suggestion.

Udit Agarwal
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